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Welcome to the website of our joint practice for pathology.


Since 2002 we provide the patients of practising physicians and hospitals within and outside Berlin with histo- diagnostic and cyto- diagnostic services.

Since 2005 our practice is located as a seperate institution in the premises of pathology within the Bundeswehr hospital in Berlin.

With a total of 16 employees, including 3 specialists in pathology, we examine biopsies under a microscope. Additionally we examine surgical material and cytologic material by using the most modern equipment and methods such as immunohistochemistry with the use of over 70 antibodies, immunocytochemistry and in collaboration with specialized institutions of the molecular pathology.

Since 2004 our practice is certified according to DIN EN ISO IEC 17020 at the German Accreditation Body ( DAkkS ) and also successfully re-accredited.




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